Chief Keef - Hobby
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- Wiedza bywa ciekawa, niżej więcej.
- He looks like a baboon
- glory⛽🅰🆖 rest in peace king cap
- that lean had sosa's eyes looking bad, glad he doesn't do it that often
- 1:46 "Tadoe off the molly"
"Man Tadoe so retarded"
- speed o.5 when ur high af
- Who is this 0:41?
- If you have 2'12s in your car make sure you play this song fr i get Alot of hoes bumping this song 
- fuck it #sosahive
- Lol. What shit are you people listening to?. Sounds like braille music. You niggaz is lame and illiterate.
- Thank God Interscope dropped this retard.
- Is that bow wow in the car with him?
- to all the hating mafuckas 1:16
- good one GGGG
- This

- Words cant explain how Much i fucks wit dos song 🔥🔥😤💪
- wyd
- When This First Came Out It Was Lowkey Weak Came Back In 2015 I Cant Stop Saying Wooh wooh n This Shit hHella Fire Once U Listwn To The Lyrics 💯💯
- Wtf is his garage slowly rising?
- Woo Skrt Skrt Skrt ^^
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